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    People. Technology. Results.

John Drake & Associates (JDA) focuses on delivering infrastructure solutions.

We love the world of IT. Every one of us.

Moreover, we love the idea that companies’ ability to take advantage of everything that is cool about information technology is no longer limited to the four walls of a data center, the capex side of a budget or the ability to add top-tier IT talent to the payroll.

JDA helps our clients leverage, maximize, upgrade, downgrade, expand, extend, navigate and interconnect; safely and securely, to all things IT.

With the right PEOPLE, the right TECHNOLOGY you get the right RESULTS.

Meet Our Executive Team

John D. Osterhout

John has been committed to providing a high-quality, service product his entire career. Starting in 1970 while a member of the USAF, he maintained Minuteman III, intercontinental, ballistic missiles. After his military commitment, John entered the Information Technology field, where he was a field engineer for Sperry Univac and StorageTek. While at StorageTek, John became a field-service manager and began selling systems-software services in 1986. In 1988, he started a satellite office in Chicago for Davis, Thomas & Associates, which he grew to a $5M enterprise selling technical-support services. After the acquisition of DTA in 1997, John managed the combined Chicago operations of both organizations for the next five years, developing the office into a $20M operation while managing and selling a broad portfolio of services. Drawing upon his lifetime of experience, John creates the right atmosphere for the team at John Drake & Associates and provides the highest level of service to his clients.

Rob Bridal
Chief Technology Officer

Rob’s interest in technology started when he taught himself to program at only 12 years old.  His true calling did not come until his early twenties, when the factory where he churned out rubber headlight seals closed its doors and his job was shipped overseas.  Making the most of the opportunity, Rob quickly earned a degree and obtained a diverse set of certifications, propelling himself into the fascinating world of IT.  In the past decade, Rob has been immersed in service provider telephony, nationwide networking, enterprise level virtualization, datacenter architecture, and a myriad of other technologies.  After joining JDA in 2012, Rob shined as a consultant, vision leader, and a mentor.  As JDA’s Chief Technology Officer, it is Rob’s responsibility to not only ensure the various technical teams run efficiently, but also drive new technologies and create new opportunities for JDA and for our clients.  Rob has been an instrumental force in the structuring and operations of JDA, focusing the company on the advancement of our core product, our highly skilled and motivated team.

Eric King
Director of Consulting

Eric’s career in IT started at the age of 13 by teaching himself how to fix OS issues on his 286. Acquiring a computer science degree started a humbling path which began with soldering circuit boards for a factory who sold computer sensors for farming equipment. Over the last decade, Eric has accumulated knowledge while working in multiple areas of enterprise IT – DevOps, security, architecture, project management, telecommunications and the business side of corporate IT. After joining JDA as a consultant in late 2014, Eric quickly established himself as a contributing asset to the team. As the Director of Consulting, Eric is instrumental in providing direction and leadership for the development and delivery of the JDA consulting brand.

Jim Osterhout
Director of Operations

Jim’s path in computing started at an early age with a Commodore 64 and a set of 5 ¼ inch floppy disks. As his horizons began to broad, his appreciation for the arts and communication allowed him to utilize computers for graphic design and video editing, which eventually landed him at Illinois State University.

In 2006 he made a jump into IT and worked for Merchandise Mart Properties on their help desk. It was there he learned the critical relationship between technical teams and business units. In 2008, he joined the JDA Enterprise Management Center as a field engineer and worked closely with customers and eventually becoming a primary service rep for mid to large sized clients. Since then, Jim has become a jack of all trades at JDA and has worked in recruiting, management, procurement and sales.

Jim is currently the Director of Operations and responsible for the the day to day procedures and performance of the JEMC. Additionally, he manages client and vendor relationships as well looking for ways to improve the customer experience with JDA.

Our Experienced Staff

Jason Citrano
Operations Supervisor
Jon Chua
Associate Consultant
Keith Hands
Associate Consultant
Tommy Maksimik
Operations Engineer
Tom Marshall
Operations Engineer
Dexter Moran
Operations Engineer
John Paul Scheckel
Associate Consultant
Mark Wilcoxon
Office Manager/Bookkeeper


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