BYOD In, Outsource The Rest

Business Problem:

Small business owners have been well aware of the option to outsource support for their IT operations. However most – thinking the cost to be prohibitive  – dismiss the idea without much thought. But when managed services kind of sneaks in the back door, and they get their head around it, the usual response is “holy cow, why didn’t we do that sooner!!”


A local law firm with 60 users unexpectedly found themselves without their in-house jack-of-all-trades support technician. This multi-skilled individual supported the servers, desktops, remote access and was responsible for a securing a network that housed sensitive client information and files. It was because he was multi-skilled, that the thought of replacing him would require multiple hires. In addition, on their IT to-do list were 4 servers that were at end-of-life, a storage environment that had reached capacity and a whole crop of desktops and laptops were quickly approaching obsolescence.

Complicating the situation was the fact that more and more employees wanted to access their work on smartphones and tablets; something that exceeded the security capabilities of their current environment.

Suddenly, the whole firm was in full IT crisis mode, which was very distracting to an already busy environment.


Initially, JDA was brought in for end-user support. As trust with JDA developed, more and more of our expertise was sought. To eliminate the need to purchase new servers and storage, JDA introduced a custom-designed private cloud-based virtual server environment. Using JDA’s Tier III data center, storage was virtually endless and applications were made more secure and more accessible. In becoming a managed services client, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) was designed and configured.  This allowed existing laptops to be repurposed as thin clients to more powerful, up-to-date virtual desktops in their new cloud environment.

Then, with the help of JDA experienced network team (and to the delight of virtually every employee) the firm developed a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. Now, employees could use their favorite tablet or smartphone to access their work anywhere. Because this is essentially an extension of the VDI environment, the secure remote access problem for the mobile devices was solved.


In summary, for less than the cost of replacing their IT support person (??) or upgrading their servers and storage, the firm was able to upgrade their server and storage environments without incurring any capital expenditures. They gained redundancy, flexibility and additional security by moving their critical information into JDA’s fully redundant and super-secure data center. They are now a phone call away from having more severs and storage. Going to VDI allowed for stabilized their desktop environment on existing assets. Their antiquated VPN solution was retired and employees were on the verge of all-out euphoria after being able to access their email and files on iOS and Android.

JDA Services
  • Talent Share – The upgrade was completed by JDA’s team of Engineers to plan and implement the upgrade.
  • Project Services – JDA was responsible for the entire project continuum including discovery, design, implementation and knowledge transfer.
  • Managed Services – All systems are managed via a mutually agreed upon level of service. JDA provides proactive and reactive system support tied to a Service Level Agreement.
  • Server Virtualization – All servers are virtualized and managed by the JDA team.  Additional storage and memory can be added by the JDA team mapping the need to the technical requirement when needed and where needed.
  • VDI – All users both remote and within the corporate offices leverage Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for anytime access from any device.
  • Service Desk – All systems are monitored, managed and supported via the JDA service desk.
  • BYOD – All users have access to corporate data and systems securely leveraging personal devices on site and remotely.



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