Elasticity on Demand

Business Problem:

One of the more challenging aspects of IT operations is forecasting. When small businesses finally achieve consensus and capital to move forward, the process of accurately choosing how much of what to invest in can be a momentum-killer.


One of our clients faced that “how to move forward” challenge as they were planning for the release of an Internet application for scholarship programs. A number of new program and accessibility factors were expected to lead to a significant jump in total and concurrent use, but just how significant was unknown. Further complicating the forecast was the cyclical use of the application, with very active periods about 8 times a year. Stability and performance during peak times was  critical, requiring both 24/7 uptime and the ability to cost-effectively ensure resources were available on demand during peak usage.

An undersized infrastructure would severely impact application adoption. An oversized environment wasn’t the answer, as the budget to be oversized did not exist.


Virtualization technologies have allowed many small businesses to grow and adapt in ways never before possible. JDA’s Enterprise Management Center (JEMC) provided a virtual computing environment (VCE) with the ability to granularly modify the resources allocated to the platform to match workload requirements – up or down. Further, by using JDA’s managed services, the environment was housed in JDA’s purpose-built, highly redundant, highly secure data center that fully complies with the Tier III design specifications outlined by The Uptime Institute.


The virtualized server environment JDA built led to a significant savings over the cost of the physical environment that would have been required to handle peak activity.  Further, the move from a huge capital expenditure to a much smaller, fixed operational spend made life much easier for the financial team.

JDA Services

Talent Share – The computing architecture was designed and implemented by JDA’s senior engineers; subject matter experts in the areas of network infrastructure, virtualization and storage.

Managed Services – All JEMC services, from our Service Desk to backup and recovery are provided from our Tier III+ data center facility.  JDA constructed a private cloud environment which is managed via a mutually agreed upon service level for uptime and performance. JDA provides proactive and reactive system support tied to a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Virtualization – All aspects of the virtual environment are managed by the JDA team.  Additional resources such as processors, storage and memory can be added by the JDA team, mapping the need to the technical requirement when needed and where needed.

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