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Business Problem:

No business strives to have a low level of IT efficiency. But not unlike a frog in a pot of boiling water, inefficient IT operations sometimes just sneaks up on businesses. Networks designed just a few short years ago are being asked to pump more data than they were ever designed to. Virus outbreaks and security issues quickly become piles of unanswered help desk tickets, taking valuable staff away from more strategic responsibilities. One day you look up and find your competition moving faster than the data on your network.


U.S. manufacturers often need to run on tight margins to be competitive. Today, JDA supports a manufacturing client with 450 users in 2 corporate locations and 25 remote sales offices. Unfettered local and remote access to a core group of specialized business applications is essential. However, until recently, many of the organizations core servers were at end-of-life. New application functionality required new hardware and network operating systems. And then there was the problem of sudden power interruptions at their data center.


JDA conducted a discovery session on the environment, delivering a prioritized list of recommended upgrades. The costs included hardware/software upgrades and consulting services for the implementation and environmental enhancements needed to address the Internet and power outages. This was augmented with a physical to virtual (P2V) migration plan in which the server operations were moved to JDA’s Tier III data center, assuring that redundant power and Internet were always available.


JDA was able to significantly stabilize the firm’s entire technology environment. Everything on the firm’s IT wish list was done with zero capital expenditures while operation costs were reduced. Further, the successful introduction of virtualized severs made it easer for management to plan for future expansion. IT nirvana.

JDA Services
  • Talent Share – The migration was designed and implemented by JDA’s team of Data Center Engineers.
  • Managed Services – All services are managed via a mutually agreed upon level of service. JDA provides proactive and reactive system support tied to a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Server Virtualization – All servers are virtualized and managed by the JDA team. Additional storage and memory can be added by the JDA team mapping the need to the technical requirement when needed and where needed.
  • VDI – All users both remote and within the corporate offices leverage Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for anytime access from any device.
  •  Service Desk – All systems are monitored, managed and supported via the JDA service desk.
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