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IT solutions can be complex, costly and difficult to effectively implement. Below are the areas we work tirelessly at for our clients. In doing so we reduce their costs and free-up bandwidth so they can focus on growing their business.

Network Operating Systems

Servers manage access to the majority, if not all of the data assets of an organization. Network Operating Systems just like your applications require care and feeding. JDA has the expertise to implement, upgrade and provide proactive maintenance to ensure that the enterprise has secure access to this data when and where they need it.

Virtualization – Server and Desktop

Server sprawl is a thing of the past. Gone are the days of one application, one server. A host of reasons have killed that beast including underutilized servers, storage where you don’t need it and lack of storage where you do, green focus and on and on. Virtualization when implemented correctly provides access to a host of “ities” – flexibility, scalability, elasticity, portability and increased security. JDA has implemented thousands of virtualized servers and desktops.


Network infrastructure is the technology backbone of the organization. It provides and manages, access, security and bandwidth. Poorly designed and neglected network infrastructure can facilitate application access issues and security breaches among other challenges. JDA provides design, implementation and support services to ensure optimal bandwidth delivery to the right users when and where they need it – wired, wireless and remote.

Application Delivery

Managing multiple versions of an application increases the complexity and the costs of supporting your environment. Solutions exist that can eliminate this issue and reduce support costs with the added benefit of increased security. Applications can be packaged and delivered on demand to your user base with access from any device anywhere with an internet connection.


Email is still the single most important application used in business today. It is the backbone for communications inside and outside of organizations. It’s the primary way we share files, collaborate and communicate. JDA has performed hundreds of successful Exchange and messaging installations and migrations, providing uneventful, unnoticed secure remote access, LDAP/Active Directory integration and anti-spam/anti-virus for thousands of users each day.


A recent Information Week survey showed that 33% of SMBs were not even sure if their networks had ever been attacked. The sophistication of todays threats cannot be stopped by antivirus updates and firewall installation. JDA’s security experts monitor the latest industry threats and procedures, bringing to your organization the ability to identify and address vulnerabilities before they impact your organization.
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