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    Managed I.T. Services & Talent Share Staffing

Compete against teams in any league

Whether it’s coming off the bench for project pinch-hitting or managing your entire IT operations, JDA is in it to help you win.

Talent Share

The fast-paced, iterative changes of information technology do not always equate to whole numbers when it comes to team building. Need someone with Exchange experience to make sure your migration goes smoothly? Or perhaps you want an extra field tech for the week Windows 7 will be deployed? JDA’s Talent Share IT staffing solution gives you the exact skills you need, for only as long as you need them.

Managed Services

Signing-on JDA to manage your IT operations gives you instant, experienced IT project knowledge, the insights and efficiencies of a world-class network operations center and a friendly, knowledgeable help desk. When we take point on daily tasks such as updates, patches, backup, monitoring, vendor management and network security, your team can focus on driving growth and creating new opportunities for your business.

There’s nothing fluffy about our cloud

We have never taken lightly our clients’ decision to entrust JDA with their IT operations. Our data-center is purpose-built, highly redundant, highly secure, complying fully with the Tier III design specifications outlined by The Uptime Institute.


System and server monitoring – Customized monitoring policies allow our network operating center to closely monitor your environment. If a required service slows or fails, our team will verify and communicate per the approved escalation protocol. Firewalls, managed switches, SNMP and ICMP devices can all be monitored to ensure they are operating within spec. Moreover, our team of engineers and technicians available 24/7, you’re never off our radar.


Desktop and mobile management – We ensure that every desktop, laptop, iOS, Android or BlackBerry in your organization is running smooth and secure.


Backup and disaster recovery – Fully managed and customized to protect your business’s most valuable data.


IT health assessments – Many of today’s computer networks are working overtime to deliver more data than they were ever designed to. JDA has the tools and talent to accurately assess performance, reliability, traffic patterns and vulnerabilities. We can offer suggestions to as to phased stages of improvement that will work within your budget.


Security assessments –JDA is constantly on top of the latest security threats and most effective countermeasures. We can help you lower the risks associated with hackers, viruses and other network security threats. We use proven processes and tools to identifying gaps, document compliance and improve security.


Content filtering – We protect your users and network from unwanted messages by using sophisticated anti-spoofing and attachment analysis technology.


Patch management – We constantly analyze and test critical system and software patches to make sure they will not interact negatively with critical software. All work is done after hours to reduce any potential impact.


Desktop/laptop imaging – A base image of your computer endpoint configurations with the latest security updates and mission-critical software ensures fast, consistent setups for users.


Vendor management – We’ll take point with your Internet service provider, website hosting provider and any other IT service providers.


Regular consultation meetings – Regular meetings insure we’re always in sync with your support and technology requirements.

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