Our Story

We’ve always been a family-centered business. The original company was created by our current Vice President’s father in the 2003.

We’re a grassroots IT Consulting firm, technology reseller, and managed service provider (MSP) that continues to expand to provide critical services for all of our clients. Along the way, we’ve seen the struggles of ever-expanding IT needs and always stood in the gap for local businesses.

In 2009 when the recession hit, we were right there through it all. Even larger companies couldn’t handle the increasing financial burdens of maintaining in-house tech staff. That’s what propelled us forward in the industry and many of those clients are still with us.

Our customers always have the local support they need and the flexibility to keep things running smoothly. We also provide virtual IT support and private cloud hosting for organizations that don’t want their sensitive information in the public cloud or in their server closet. 

Throughout the early days of the pandemic, we’ve placed staff for months on end in client offices and helped our customers navigate through some of the toughest days in their careers. We’re right there with you through it all. 

Our main focus at JDA is giving you a complete solution for your IT needs, guiding you through advancements in technology, and staying with you as a helping hand with full support. 


I joined the JDA team in 2018. At the request of the founder, I put together a team of our best and brightest to take over ownership of the company.

Out of my 25 years of experience, I know that people across industries just want to be treated ethically and with integrity.

I believe you’re never wrong for doing the right thing. Building trusted partnerships is all about accountability and taking action.
A manufacturing company should spend their operational hours filling orders and not dealing with inventory system issues. 

A family practice should be centered around helping their patients, without having to worry about network problems and data breaches. 

Tech should make improving lives easier for non-profit organizations. It shouldn’t be a headache waiting to happen at the worst possible moment.

Great IT support all comes down to anticipating the future and making things happen for you as automatically as possible.

If your business needs higher-level support for a special project, or you’re just low on staff, then we’ll send the best IT staff in the area to your office to close that gap.

It doesn’t matter what IT environment your running. We’ll help you do it safely and securely to match your unique situation.

That’s why we’ll always stay local and never outsource our talent from other service providers.

Jim M. Osterhout

My father created his business as an IT staffing organization nearly twenty years ago. When we moved location and took over leadership, we wanted to stand behind all of the principles that my dad put in place.

I’ve been with JDA for over a decade now, but I started out at the ground level. Through hard work I made my way up from the help desk to Vice President of the company.

Way back in 2007, a longtime client was so happy with our services, they asked us to manage virtually all of their IT needs. That was the defining moment that lead us in the direction we’re going today. 

We really hit the ground running and created a new service line that was perfect for our select group of clients. That’s what evolved JDA into the trusted, practical, and well-rounded solution to IT management that we are.

Since then, we’ve transitioned into a more complete business to provide a customized level of services you can’t get anywhere else.

Over the course of those years, we’ve helped upwards of 10,000 users. In my mind, there’s no doubt that’s all thanks to the integrity and honesty that we’ve instilled in our employees.

We started as a small staffing augmentation service. Now, we make custom IT support practical and accessible for all types of business owners across the board.

I know that finding great staff is crucial in doing what you want with your business and keeping you in control of what matters. 

If you need to maintain old hardware or make the move towards an upgraded system, we’re there for you.

That’s the best part. We’re always right next door, and just one call away. That’s the difference. 

I’ll never back down on my dad’s integrity and convictions. We built our business on those foundations and it’s why our clients stay with us for decades.

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